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Holiness and the Esther Walk

Recently the Lord has had me in the book of Ezra. Sometimes it seems like the old testament is far removed from today. As I read the book I began to realize that even though the restoration of the temple and the walls of Jerusalem documented in both the book of Ezra and Nehemiah were specific to that day, I still found a Rhema word within it’s pages for our time. With regard to all that the Lord is doing to prepare us for His next expected move in the Earth. At that time the temple of God that was in ruins was located in Jerusalem. This is  where the Ark of the Covenant with the presence of the Glory of God resting in between the cherubim. In Jesus day He became the temple when the Holy Spirit came in the form of a dove resting on Him with the fullness of the Godhead expressed through the Christ. Today we are the body of Christ and the temple of the living God. With His spirit resting on/in us who believe.

I reiterated all of that to point out a few things from the word and historically concerning past revivals. In the days of Ezra the Jews took foreign wives. When it was discovered that there was mixture. The Jews gathered together to weep and repent for the transgression and to put away the wives. The reason I chose an antique image of the opium poppy is as opium anesthetizes the user so does sin. We become numb to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and sin with it's effects on our lives. As did the Jew over and over again. This was a turning point for them as their hearts returned to the Lord. In the church's history with those last great revivals of the 20th century 1901, 1904, and 1906*. There was a holiness movement prior to these events during the late 19th century. A turning or moving away from the compromises and secular temptations of this life toward a deeper and profound commitment toward God and His ways. Prayer being the central focus, which included hunger for holiness, purity and more of God.
As the people laid down their compromises and prayer became the focus adding their hunger for God increasing the Holy Spirit's move...suddenly sleeping beauty awakened. We are seeing similar desires present today, but the moving away from compromises, lust and selfishness with have been sorely lacking in the church as a whole. We are His temple and the temple was in shambles. Why?.....mixture a hardened heart and little or no conviction for what we believe. Jesus is looking for our devotion. Many a man going his own way trying to make for himself a comfortable life or build his ministry. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you! In other words you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. If we want to really see revival come it must come on His terms. If Jesus said you can not take the old wine skin and fill it with new wine otherwise the both will burst. Then how can we think that we can continue in our old ways of mixture and believe God will visit us with His revival power.

It is time to come to the alter with a sincere heart ask for forgiveness as in Ezra repent for all the ways we have compromised allow the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to come and cleanse us once again. We need to ask Him to show us the areas where we are compromising. Become willing to allow our Father to deal with us as sons and daughters. Accept His correction, give thanks for it, in appreciation. Then do something....stop that thing you have been doing. He is faithful and just to forgive you your sins. No matter how great or how small it is time to return to the Lord with the whole heart.

Remember He already knew what you were going to do, say or think before you did it so why would he be angry? He is a loving Father and you can go to Him with anything. Ask Jesus to fill you with His Spirit and He will. Also be sure to forgive any and all those who have hurt you. If you will do that there will be nothing that can stop the Holy Spirit from ministering to you. Yes anywhere anytime. God is “Omni present” everywhere all the time.

What’s to stop you from praying right a part of the solution and hasten the Lords revival in your life today! Blessings to you beloved of the Lord.

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