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Esther Perfumed Sets

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We have created two Esther's perfumed oil sets each set is $110.00

Or try our new half sized 6 bottle sets $55.00 per set:

For those who wish to follow an Esther preparation Set one includes:

Hadassah, Oil of Myrrh, Holiness of Heart, Lifting the veil, Beauty Rest, Perfumed Presence.

We have included in set one for your pleasure directions on use, descriptions of the oils and their meanings, an ounce of granulated myrrh resin and one time sample use of our herbal foot soak, all gift boxed.

For those who wish to enter into the Kings chamber and emerge as queen: 

Come Away With Me, Ravished Heart, Crowned Queen, Love and Devotion,"For such a time as this" *,  King of Kings, **.

We have included in set two for your pleasure directions on use, descriptions of the oils and their meanings, an ounce of Frankincense resin and a generous portion of our fresh rose bath salt all gift boxed.

Please use the drag down menus to make your selections.

**We have not included oil of Joy in this set as we created it to celebrate the fresh move of the Holy Spirit.

Any other questions please e-mail me

Any other questions please e-mail me

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6 Perfume Set

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"Half Sized 6 Perfume Set”

6 Vial Sampler Set

If you would like samplers  1 or 2 of our perfumes the price for each is $10.

plus shipping.
*please email me with your choices

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Incense Bowl Sets

Refills with prices are listed below.

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Incense Set

The price for each set is $35 plus shipping and handling

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Frankincense Resin

Frankincense and Myrrh have a long history of use in perfuming the body, home and for the purpose of worship since ancient times. They are today still a very important part of the daily life in Middle Eastern countries. Frankincense is used as chewing gum in Arabic countries, as well as considered  of medicinal value. It is often referred to as the incense tree. 

For the Christian frankincense identifies believers with that which is consecrated or made pure for service. We together with Jesus entering into the fellowship of His sufferings through the daily offering up sacrificially, prayers and worship to God with a pure heart. As the white smoke rises it symbolizes the purity of Jesus character as He in full agreement, in unity with His Fathers will. Speaks to our hearts these immortal words "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". 

His is the sweet smell complete submission, obedience and compliance under the guidance of the Holy Spirit our forerunner of this royal priesthood of believers. We share this burn of prayer and worship, in holy consecration of ourselves with our great high priest. Which is ministry to His Father and our Father, His God and our God on earth as it is in heaven. 

The scent of frankincense when burned is some what lemony, balsamic, woody and resinous. Frankincense resin creates a white smoke which gave it the Hebrew name lavonah reflecting the pure white snow capped mountains of Lebanon. To the Jew the finest of pleasures came from Lebanon as it was written "the excellency of Lebanon".

You will have your choice of two incense burning sets below the description of Myrrh you will find a refill button for ordering additional supplies. 

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Incense Refill

The price for each refill is $5 plus shipping and handling

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Charcoal refill

The price for each 2 ounce refill is $5.00 plus shipping and handling

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Myrrh Resin

The meaning of Myrrh comes from two hebrew words the first is mor meaning to disitill in drops as in a slow process of purification. The tree's bark is pierced the sap or self sutaining strength of the tree is drained as it sufferes the blows upon it's life. Christ lived a life of the distillation while on earth. "Although He was a Son He learned obedience through the things which He suffered" Heb 5:8.Jesys emptied Himself of His own will as He only did that which pleased the Father and He was obedient unto death.We are also called to this emptying of our own will as did He and surrender to the will of Christ alone by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The other primary hebrew root word used in the meaning for myrrh is mara which means bitter as in suffering. This is taking up our cross daily. But for Esther it was a surrender to the married life of a queen in a foreign land and a pagan king. She infact was placed in this honored postion because God had prepared her heart for the task. She surrendered her life for her people and stood in the place of intercessor and won the victory. Myrrh for her was the preparation for the task ahead. The fulfillment of her calling and purpose for which she was created.

Myrrh represents for every bride of Christ the putting off of our own self-centered singular identity and agenda to become one with God as Jesus is one following Him with the whole heart. In love with the King of Kings and bringing with you the kingdom and glory of God, as He lives in and through you. This is where we come to know Him as the head of all things and we as His body in union with Him in love.

Myrrh has a slight medicinal scent when burned and is useful for prayers of confession and gaining victory over sin. Use also in intercession for change of heart and consecration of oneself to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Note always use as a rememberance of Him in a prayerful contemplative way and the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be present.


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Chosen or Khosen in Hebrew means treasure, wealth, riches.