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Letter from a Queen

grace1 1.psd.jpg You are invited to follow the Holy Spirit into the times of training to become the Queen of His choice. Marked with Grace and favor, be all you can be for your beloved is coming and you have been chosen!
Beloved listen to this prophecy as if King Jesus were speaking directly to you! This is a prophetic word given through Grahm Cook.

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Letter from a Queen

Bride of Jesus Christ and to all Esther's in preparation, Forgive me but I feel prompted to ask you these questions. Have you been and continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Do you hear His voice so that you may obey Him? Do you minister under the anointing? Why these questions? Lastly; because they are the reason you are drawn to Esther, and it is the Spirit who gives us the answers or revelation to our hunger. Which He created in the first place. Hunger to understand or pursue Jesus after some fashion (with you Esther) is His invitation to go deeper in intimacy with Him. To know and understand His heart.

About three years ago the Lord began to take me on a journey. Which I call six months in the oil of myrrh and six months in perfumes. When my invitation came, I said yes and the pursuit was launched. He began to show me His great love and desire for me. That He wanted my companionship more like a spouse, not as a servant/worker in His kingdom. Rather one of love and devotion which culminates in the marriage supper of the Lamb found in Rev 19:7-8. Someone or a people He could share Himself with regardless of the circumstances. If He blessed me I loved Him, If He allowed me to suffer trials I would love Him still. Some of my experiences with the Lord, have astonished some. Why, because I do not have a platform ministry, although I am a minister. No one has ever heard of me and God has chosen to keep me hidden. You might be wondering what kind of experiences? Lets just say it this way. I have seen Jesus face to face. Was taken into heaven a number of times, have met and talked with saints and angels.

At times I wondered why me? You see I am an educated woman and by trade before all this an artist. I made the deans list, and honor role several times at university. Was nominated Phi-Kappa. Now I am simply a mother, with three web-sites (still in progress). Carrying a command from the Lord to make anointing oils until He says stop. In all these things the one thing that matters is how close you are to God, and how well you love Him and others.There is a song by Nicole Nordman called "Legacy" I believe this song really speaks of Queen Esther and all of God's Esther's. We are all heroins of intercession laboring together as Queens of the grace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ before God.  

The fruit of the Spirit in Gal 5:22-23 and 1Cor 13 are the key to Esther's preparation found in Est 2:9-12. Just as the 6 mo. in the oil of myrrh speaks of death to our self willed nature seen in Gal 5:24-25. We are being transformed to fit Him like a puzzle piece. In His image and likeness as in the beginning, when God spoke in Gen 1. As a wife conforms to her husband, so we to the Lord. This cannot be accomplished apart from hearing His voice, lovingly obeying Him and walking with Him in intimacy as described in Eph5:22-33. You see it is He who does the work. We can not do this ourselves, but we can choose to cooperate. Here is the bottom line Esther’s preparation needs to be tied to New Testament promises, because of the new covenant of hope we have in Him.

In America, the Church has taught God’s people to fear hearing His voice, so that most are unable to determine (because of fear) the leading of the Holy Spirit. In the beginning of my walk with God, I fell pray to that doctrine from of demons. I kept asking the Lord is that you??? Is that you Lord??? Finally one day I got fed up and I prayed "Lord your word says my sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow! I am your sheep and I hear your voice and that is final. It changed my life. Some would say but what if that wasn't God who told you. Or don't say God told you thus and so.... My response was and is, I am just going to trust Him to work things out. He said "You must come to the kingdom as a child" and a child trusts her father.

When the Lord called my husband and I to make the prophetic oils, I was reluctant, it seemed like a craft to me, making some anointing oil was more like going backwards. I wanted to move forward into the anointing or something miraculous in ministry. It was obvious I did not understand what the Lord was doing and` at times I did not want to obey or surrender my own plans or ideas. Many times I just did not want to cooperate. I was afraid of going backward and did not trust why or how He wanted to use them. Nor could I see the blessings others could receive using them.Or the impact they would have on so many I could reach over the web

Then one day after repenting for the tenth time (literally). The Lord gave me a vision! I was suddenly in this extensive hallway like room filled with shelves from ceiling to floor all stacked with labeled silver canisters. The canisters were approximately 5-7" wide and 3-4" tall. The gold name plates were embossed with every scent the Lord had created. Words like frankincense, rose, jasmine, even skunk and other scents were held like a memorial in "God's pantry of scent". I was surprised to find even stinky ones kept here! I noticed at the back of the room a whitish smoke, like frankincense and myrrh billowing up. Something with in the smoke began to appear moving toward me, it was a bottle shaped like our prophetic oils bottle and cap. Our bottle then stopped and turned, to reveal the label I had designed. You can find them on our web site. As a result I stopped striving with Him over it. I then realized God had already planned for them before I received the idea from Him.

The anointing has always been upon our oils because we have obeyed, but now I understood why. I asked the Lord about the anointing. I said "So Lord what is the anointing anyway? I have heard messages on it, taught on the subject, and preached on it had the anointing described using various scriptures. Yet I have never asked you. So I am asking....what is it? what do you say about it?"Also some of our oils have been created over 5 years ago and have not turned rancid. This is a miracle! I call it the exodus anointing or an eternity does not grow old anointing. I believe God has somehow encapsulated our oils like He did the Israelite where their clothes and shoes did not ware that is exciting!

This is what the Lord responded with...

"The anointing is simply this:

It is my signature, My John Hancock, My seal or stamp of approval. I basically sign off on or endorse what ever you are doing. I empower your natural with My supernatural, causing everything to work smoothly with out striving. Sometimes that means breaking through and removing walls and barriers that hinder. Sometimes what is required is wisdom for trouble shooting or executing a task. At other times bringing together resources and people for a purpose. This is what is meant by the "Oil of My Spirit" oil is slick, it lubricates. Causing that which is stuck or hard to become loose and move freely. Things that could not be accomplished before are now made possible because of the anointing!"

Our first oil was "come away with me" The Lord named it and gave me the verse of scripture for it. Song 2:10 which speaks of the Holy Spirits drawing us to come away for the sweep you off your feet holy romance of God's heart. Queen Esther's Hadassah was in our prophetic oils, until the Lord separated them into their own category. The Preparation of Esther/Hadassah as queen is one of destiny and hope. We carry this hope in earthen vessels waiting for the union of God and man to be complete. We have so many oils now all with a message, from Jesus’ heart asking us to come closer. God's message to His beloved beckons to us with John the beloved which cries out from heaven to come up higher and see.

My prayer for you is that you will rise in fearless pursuit of Him the "lover of your soul". Find Him worthy of your all. Completely surrender to Him and His desire for you. Remember He is the Bridegroom and you are the bride. Soon to become like Queen Esther.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you in Jesus name.

Debra Athanas

Author and Editor


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