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Queen Esther's Beauty Treatments

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Chosen or Khosen in Hebrew means treasure, wealth, riches.


Oil of Joy

Oil of Joy was created out of the desire to celebrate our King and God's deliverance from the hand of our enemies. We rejoice with all who rejoice and mourn with all who mourn. As all of Israel came together with one voice to mourn in intercession so do we. As Israel in one accord celebrated their victory and triumph or our God so do we!  This is our Purim where our king Jesus bought our freedom and paid for our debt, so we with one voice raised give thanks to God amen.

Est 9:27 The Jews ordained and took it upon themselves and their descendants and all who joined them that without fail every year they would keep these two days at the appointed time and as it was written,

Est 9:28 That these days should be remembered (imprinted on their minds) and kept throughout every generation in every family, province, and city, and that these days of Purim should never cease from among the Jews, nor the commemoration of them cease among their descendants.

Really this scent is a more masculine fragance but the Joy of the Lord is there to remind us that as He overcame in Queen Esther's day, which is what the Purim celebration was about. He shall fight for us and overcome in our day as well. So we shall rejoice. Count it all Joy beloved He is with you.

The oil of Joy is heavt with the scent of honey it contains: Acacia wood cassie, Almond, , yang yang, petigrin leaf, honey, Myrrh, dear musk, sweet orange, ho leaf, jasmin extract, saffron.


Why is Frankincense and Myrrh here? The word frankincense in hebrew is translated lebonah. It was named for the pure snow white peaks of Lebonon. Because frankincense was one of the main components in the Holy Incense, frankincense speaks of pure white smoke rising up into heaven.

This is the fragrance of the unselfish heart rent in intercession for God's people.  Jesus made that sacrifice "a sweet smelling savor unto the lord  and everlitheth to make intercession for us". The sacrafice and intercession Queen Esther made for her people, was that sweet smelling savor. Her willingnes to sacrifice herself before God and man created a heroin and legend, as it is written.

לבנה לבונה

lebônâh lebônâh  (leb-o-naw')

From H3826; frankincense (from its whiteness or perhaps that of its smoke): - (frank-) incense.


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