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Queen Esther's Beauty Treatments

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Chosen or Khosen in Hebrew means treasure, wealth, riches.


Come away with me

"Rise up my fair one my dove come away with me! These are the words of first love when that’s new and fresh which speaks of our first love. Although the inspiration for this oil is from So 2:10 and fits with our Esther story because as Esther we must let go of this life so that we may find it! We too must come away with Him letting go of our plans and even dreams.

It is there that we may "come away" to the secret place in the cleft of the rock where He calls us His dove and fair one. Naturally this would seam like the course the heart follows when love is begins to bloom. First love could be compared to flowers coming out of their dormancy as a garden full of delights. For this reason God asks us to return to this place of love as He knocks on our hearts door and we say yes to His advances toward us.

The heart of the King draws the heart of his queen. How will she respond to the invitation to enter into a deeper walk with Him? Will she His queen take his hand by the power of the Holy Spirit and begin her journey toward enduring love and devotion of the heart? Only you His bride can choose He will not force the will to yield. He only finds pleasure in your willingness.  So say yes!

Come Away With Me  has: Amber, cinnamon, stacte, rose, myrrh, jasmine, and more. The scent is rich floral, with amber undertones.

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This bottle is not for sale on our site.


Ravished Heart

Although the inspiration for this perfume is from the Song of Solomon all who have experienced romantic love will understand these words that follow.

There are people who we give a place in our heart . They have access that no one else has. We are intimate and share with that one things close to our heart. We are at our best when we are with them and they are continually in our thoughts. This is the person we will defend, trust, protect, even give our life for if need be. You have ravished my heart the scripture says So 4: 10

Son 4:10 How beautiful is your love, my sister, my bride! How much better is your love than wine! And the fragrance of your ointments than all spices!

 "I asked the Lord one day"  So what does a ravished heart smell like anyway?" This was His response;

"Take a fresh juicy ripe piece of fruit on a hot day in the desert, place the fruit to your mouth and bite into it savoring all of it's beauty. The fragrance, sweet taste and how refreshing it's juice is to the lips tongue and mouth a pure pleasure indeed!  As an intoxicating wine I am sent reeling, swaggering on my love's passion poured forth."

So for all of you Esther's here is the reference "The king loved Esther more than all the women, and

Est 5:7 And during the serving of wine, the king said to Esther, What is your petition? It shall be granted you. And what is your request? Even to the half of the kingdom, it shall be performed.

"So we made our Ravished heart oil like fresh fruity, with notes of jasmine, davana, cistis oil.




He Crowned Her Queen

In Persia the rose is considered the queen of flowers. Even todays Persian attars created by ancient perfumery Families in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq have passed down family formulas containing rose as a primary scent. We chose rose and jasmine because these would have perfumed the Persian gardens where queen Esther would have walked.

Natural flower essences, no doubt contributed to the daily beautifying experiences of all would be queens in their time of preparation.  Esther's "Crowned Queen" a royal perfume made of genuine damask rose, jasmine, tuberose and more. This perfume oil uses only the best and costly flower extractions, the scent is heavy with for the queen Esther in you!


Love and Devotion

"This fragrance portrays the faithfully devoted love. Commitment and strength of character that does not fail.  Does the Kings heart speak intimately to the heart of his Queen, always. Whether present or not his love speaks to her throughout her day. Likewise the love of His queen speaks also to her King even from afar. He is captivated with her face, smile, the way she moves, sound of her voice, her scent that fills him with delights. Everything reminds him of her. That is how it is with our Lord and King.  He is in love with His Queen.

"One time Jesus said to me, "You were in the bridal business right? I said, "yes." Then He said, "What was the one thing you noticed about every bride on her wedding day?" My reply was, "They only had eyes for their groom, they were so caught up in the moment, it was as if there was no one else there!" He then said "That's how my bride is, she only has eyes for Me, her thoughts desires, joy and pleasures are with Me!" 

Love and Devotion is fragrant with the scent of two varieties of Jasmine flower, and other mysteries of the middle east.  A treasure to enjoy as is our Bridgroom King. 


For Such a Time as This

......You have come into the kingdom!

God has decided when each life would be introduced into this world. You were born to take part in building His kingdom. You are not a slave but a son or daughter. To this end you were born and to this end were created.

Royal child of the Living God and brother or sister of the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. That makes you a prince or princess of the kingdom.  You were born for such a time as this and have a divine purpose to fulfill, remember that always.

This scent is deep and rich oriental chypra, powder ambergris. Contains: with citrus, amber, vanilla, cocoa, and spices, reflecting the riches of your inheritance in Him.


King of Kings

May the blessing of the King as He extends His scepter, be upon you! For to you favor and honor has been granted. He will come in His Kingly authority, in all His glory and you will be astounded when you gaze upon His beauty. The King is altogether lovely, who can not help but love Him.

This is His rich aromatic scent, spicy, woodsy, fragrant like incense filling the room, His presence unforgettable.

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